The Kennel Fitmin

The Kennel Fitmin (reg. No. 754/02) was founded in 2002 and is focused on the breeding of the Border Collie. Our goal is to have healthy and versatile dogs at the Fitmin Kennel, valued not only in beauty contests but also in tests and sports competitions. During the entire existence of the kennel, we have successfully bred more than 27 litters and over 166 puppies, the so-called "Fitmin dogs". In addition to sports and exhibitions, we also pursue canine therapy – four of our dogs have passed the canine therapy exams at the only accredited company, Hafík. With these dogs, we visit the children's home in Horní Čermná and the special school for mentally and physically disabled children in Žamberk.

The Border Collie breed was chosen deliberately for the Fitmin Kennel because of its sensitivity, high intelligence, good character and talent for sports. Since the very beginning of the breeding station, its main mission has been to raise healthy and happy dogs that can be used in the monitoring of the palatability and quality of the Fitmin dog food. The palatability tests are nothing drastic; the dogs are simply offered two food variants during regular feeding. We monitor which variant the dog tastes first and of which food the dog subsequently eats more. An assessment is also made of how the dog is doing overall, what the quality of its coat is and what its mental and physical condition is. Everything is written down in tables and carefully evaluated; the results are then used for further development of the food.

Excellent physical and mental condition of our dogs is the best reference for the Fitmin brand.

Kennel Fitmin

Under the Fitmin Kennel, we have started the FITMIN Dog Club for Children. The children help with the care, treatment and cleaning related to the dogs. Naturally, they also train the dogs and attend competitions and workshops. The running of the breeding station is now hardly imaginable without the children.