Fitmin Snax Nuggets - crispy treats for dogs

Fitmin has expanded its line of Fitmin Snax natural dog treats. In addition to meaty bones, our brand now offers smaller crispy Fitmin Snax nuggets.

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Fitmin has prepared a new line of Fitmin Snax nuggets dog treats produced in the Czech Republic exclusively from fresh meat and easily digestible extruded rice.



The treats contain no artificial colourings, preservatives or other substitutes. Even owners of dogs that suffer allergies or a gluten intolerance can give these treats with confidence to their pets. Fitmin Snax is hypoallergenic and is produced in a natural way - by drying, with an emphasis on the quality of raw materials.

The treats are available in 4 variants - liver, chicken, lamb and game.

Professional cook Michal Daněk worked together with a team of nutrition experts to develop the formula. The result of their efforts is a healthy, tasty and crunchy product.

"The quality of commercially available dog treats in the Czech Republic is not high, and they are often filled with food colourants, flavour enhancers and salt. We therefore decided to alter this trend and after last year's launch of Fitmin Snax Meaty Bones, we have developed a smaller treat called Snax Nuggets,’ explains Petr Křivohlávek, CEO of Dibaq a.s., the manufacturer of the Fitmin brand, adding that: ‘Honest treats made from only rice and meat are quite rare on the Czech market, so we believe that dog owners will appreciate our efforts to offer dogs a quality reward’.

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Key benefits of Fitmin Snax Nuggets treats:

  • 100% natural product;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • produced from high-quality meat and extruded, easily digestible rice;
  • no colourants or flavour enhancers;
  • no conservatives or artificial ingredients;
  • no wheat.