Fitmin For Life shampoos with herbal extracts without parabens and silicones

We are expanding our portfolio by friendly and widely specialised dog shampoos free of parabens and silicones.

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We often consider our dogs rightful members of the family, and we care for their health accordingly. We not only care what we feed to our pet, but we also care what to select when looking after their hair. The Fitmin brand has hence launched a new product in its portfolio, which is a dog cosmetic product Fitmin For Life, presenting a wide range of shampoos for the individual needs of your pet.

Do you need to give your puppy a bath?

If you choose a right and puppy friendly product, you don’t need to worry about it. 

Are you afraid to use a shampoo on a dog with sensitive skin?

Do you need to get your champion’s hair in shape before an important exhibition, or encourage the needs of white or perhaps dark hair?

Fitmin For Lif is a unique line of shampoos, which absolutely covers the requirements for hair and skin care of any particular dog.

You can choose from a total of 8 types: for puppies, for daily use, regenerating, soothing, anti-parasite, a shampoo for the care of white or dark hair, and a shampoo with conditioner.

The current era tends to return to nature. People began to be concerned what agents they use to wash themselves, they started to pay attention to unnecessary chemicals used in the home and tend to the legacy of our ancestors who did without artificial additives. They almost did not know allergies and other diseases. This trend prevails also in the care of our four-legged friends. Therefore, we have developed an exclusive line of dog paraben- and silicone- free shampoos that can be safely used by breeders whose dog pets have sensitive skin," says Lubomir Holka, the sales and marketing director of the Fitmin brand.

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The composition free of parabens and silicones is very friendly to dog hair. The content of herbal ingredients in the form of essential oils and plant extracts, nourishing oils and vitamins, supplies to each of the shampoos characteristic properties that are ideal for its use. The hair of your dog will be in great shape and you can avoid parasites. Every breeder will choose among the Fitmin For Life shampoos, no matter if dealing with regular daily grooming of their dog, or needing to eliminate defects of hair or skin problems.