Canned food for dogs and cats made of 100% fish

Fitmin comes to the market with a novelty in the form of canned Fitmin Purity Dog Sea Fish and Fitmin Purity Cat Sea Fish.

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Thanks to 100% meat of several species of sea fish, the Fitmin Purity Dog Sea Fish and Fitmin Purity Cat Sea Fish  cans combine all the benefits of nutrient-rich meat.

The cans boast especially about being high in animal proteins. Proteins are the major building element of each animal’s body, and therefore their occurrence in diet should not be underestimated. They care both about the growth of muscles in dogs and cats, as well as about the strength, durability and proper functioning of the body.

Vitamin B12 supports proper blood formation and good functioning of the nervous system.

Contained phosphorus and calcium then further contribute to the resistance of the blood vessels, the growth of hard bones and reduce the possibility of fracture.


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“The new Fitmin fish cans are suitable for cats and dogs of all ages. Their advantage is mainly a significant proportion of unsaturated fatty acids that greatly contribute to the proper growth of hair and claws, the good condition of blood circulation and generally to the extension of the active life of our pets," says Adela Palacka, a nutrition specialist of the Fitmin brand.

The unique composition of canned fish also guarantees that they are hypoallergenic.

They contain no other meat, added ingredients, grains, chemicals or preservatives.

A practical bonus is a plastic cap that extends the freshness of fish meat. Thanks to that, you can safely divide the can to your dog or kitty in multiple servings.