Cat Food

Fitmin has now launched two lines for your cats.

Purity Holistic Cat Food - innovation

  • based on different kinds of fresh meat (fish, beef, turkey, chicken, venison, lamb, rabbit)
  • All the formulas are  grain free
  • The formulas use the beneficial effects of herbs – Herbs Vitality Complex
  • The formulas now contain fruits and vegetables

logo Purity

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Pouches – a tasty reward in two variants


  • Fitmin Pouches are full of juicy pieces of meat.
  • Thanks to their extraordinarily good taste and attractiveness, your cat will be looking forward to them every day


 Fitmin pro kočky

Fitmin is focused on the health of cats:


  • a healthy urinary system – high digestibility contributes to a proper urine pH and in combination with an optimum level of magnesium in the diet, it improves the overall condition of the urinary system
  • healthy teeth – the patented Stay-Clean TM supplement serves to provide antibacterial protection in the oral cavity
  • healthy immune system – boosting immunity protection through the addition of nucleotides, prebiotics, organically bound selenium and vitamins E and C
  • healthy skin and coat – guaranteed thanks to the optimum ratio of fatty acids, essential amino acids, natural form of zinc, biotin and B group vitamins