Nutritional programme Fitmin for dogs

We present to you the 5th generation of food of the Fitmin Nutrition Programme for dogs. The aim of every Fitmin innovation has always been to keep the ingredients that work on the basis of long-term experience and improve the recipe according to the current meaningful trends.


Fitmin s 50 % čerstvého masa


with 50% fresh meat of a quality intended for human consumption – the high quality of the meat, including the method of processing (the meat goes into extrusion "directly" without drying, which would destroy vital nutrients) guarantees the high nutrient value of the granules and excellent palatability


Fitmin neobsahuje pšenici


recipe without wheat – wheat is one of the most commonly identified sources of food allergies; by removing it from the recipe, we have thus significantly reduced the risk ofallergic reactions


Fitmin s komplexem dentální péče

complex dental care for healthy teeth – dog owners often rely on the abrasive effect of granules; however, we have learned that this is not always sufficient (especially in the case of small breeds). For this reason we have added a patented supplement that serves as an antibacterial protection in the oral cavity



Fitmin s výtažkem z rozmarýnu


rosemary extract – stimulates the immune system, supports blood circulation and improves digestion, supports the liver, and acts as an antioxidant



Fitmin je vyvíjen na základě dlouhodobých zkušeností


the Fitmin food recipes are balanced and prepared on the basis of long-term experience


 Fitmin 2014

The complete dog foods offered as part of the "Fitmin For Dogs nutritional programme" have been formulated with respect to the physiological differences between dogs in various phases of their lives. There are three basic lines of dog food according to the adult size of the individual dog breeds and different nutritional requirements.

The products in the MINI, MEDIUM and MAXI lines cover the dog's entire life cycle from a puppy to old age. The dog food offered in the same line differs in the amount of individual ingredients to allow for the consideration of the higher or lower need for nutrients and energy with respect to the age and level of activity of each dog.




In the event that the weight condition of your dog is not optimal, do not change the size of the portion. Simply choose a food with a higher or lower energy content. In the case of Fitmin food, you can be sure that the composition of the ingredients remains virtually the same in our MINI, MEDIUM and MAXI products; it is the proportion of the individual ingredients that changes. This ensures a smooth transition from one type of food to another and does not affect the digestive system; it is thus possible to mix different kinds of food, too.

For better orientation in the amount of energy in the food, the individual types of food are marked with simple colour codes – the more of the given colour there is on the packet, the higher the energy content (for example, the MINI Puppy food is all yellow, while the MINI Senior food is almost all white. This means that the highest energy content is in puppy food; on the other hand, senior dog food contains the lowest amount of energy).